The following plans are purely representative. All drawings are intended to showcase intended design and layouts, as are outlined in the Design Standards Guideline document. Following the purchase of a property, all designs will be done with the best practices following the existing conditions of the site, and will vary from the images below.

The Five Communities

At maximum capacity, the Tiny Village Community will have FIVE distinct communities. These neighborhoods are separated based on the overarching homelessness demographics, outlined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. For the safety of all residents, these neighborhoods will remain separate and accessed by control points. Depending on the vulnerability of the group, additional safety checks and separation will be implemented


A minimum of 1 minor and 1 adult guardian


An individual under the age of 18, living on the streets without an adult.

Chronically Unhoused

1 person who has been unhoused for longer than a year or repeatedly, while struggling with a disabling condition including serious mental illness, substance use disorder or physical disability


An individual over the age of 18.


An individual that has been convicted of a violent crime, sexual crime or generally determined to be unsafe to integrate into the community. 

The Neighborhoods


Tiny Homes: 300

Maximum Residents: 600

Carports: 300

Parking Space: 343


Standard-Tree: 90

Semi-Dwarf Tree: 78

Dwarf Tree: 177


Community Buildings: 4

Park Space: 0.8 Acres


Predicted Solar Output: 1 mW

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Each neighborhood will be composed of individual blocks, that make up a larger neighborhood. Each block has between 59 and 64 homes, open space, trees, parking, and walking pathways to connect them to the larger neighborhood. 


Tiny Homes: 59

Maximum Residents: 108

Carports: 59

Parking Space: 59

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Below are pictures of the average residential streetscape design. Each house is located close to the street to maximize access to each home and allow as many eyes on the street as possible, increasing security. Each home will have a carport to protect cars, increase useable outdoor space, and maximize solar production. Each house will have direct access to shared green space. 

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Individual Plots

Below are diagrams showcasing what design of the individual spots. Every home will have a tiny home, parking space and small green space. 

Small Plots

Designated for individuals without physical disabilities, or special needs that would require for additional space.

Medium Plots

Designated for individuals with physical disabilities, or special needs that require more space.

Large Plots

Designated for families only. 

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