About Us

Tiny Villages Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in Colorado. We are focused on ending homelessness and providing all citizens with safe housing and high quality of life. Our company was created in response to the alarming increase in homelessness, resource inequality and climate destruction across the United States. We believe that we can offer solutions to all these problems at once. By focusing on the rescue and redistribution of wasted products, creating affordable, accessible housing, powered by low-impact, renewable energy, we can create meaningful change for the most vulnerable members of our community and the environment in which they reside. 


Founder + Executive Director

Ashley Jetta Garcia has been a real estate professional since 2019 with AJG REI LLC. During 2021 several of her business partners and her traveled the United States with the goal of finding land to create resorts with landing strips. During her time on Amtrak and driving around the United States twice she realized there was a lot of undeveloped land and unhoused people. So the resorts were placed on the backburner as Tiny Villages Inc. became the main focus. 

Ashley Jetta Garcia is a double Alumni of Regis University with three degrees which are: Dual-Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics and Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business and a Master's of Science in Criminology. She is All but Dissertation with Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology.


Alyson Hill


Nancy Castillo

Vice President

Cheryl Blanchette

Chief Development Officer

Martin Štrovs

3D Modeling Specialist

Michael Blanchette

Chief Development Officer

Bill Palm


Towani Clarke

Board Member

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Board Member