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Tiny Villages Inc. is actively seeking to acquire buildable land in Colorado to develop our Tiny Villages Community and create permanent, sustainable housing for Colorado's unhoused.

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We at Tiny Villages Inc. have a huge vision, and it requires a huge property. We want to house and feed as many people as possible, and this requires space. We want to purchase a property that can house tiny homes, organic farming, and green energy production for the homeless in Colorado. We know that we can make a major impact in our community, but we need space to bring this dream to fruition. 

Is there a ranch or farmland in your family that you are looking to sell? Can you imagine it helping the most vulnerable in your community, in a beautiful and meaningful way? If so, please consider contacting us. 

To help you visualize the possibilities: we will provide low-impact tiny homes, organic farming, edible landscapes, and green energy infrastructure to create a sustainable home for the most vulnerable of our community. Please see the renderings of our plans below.

To learn more about us and our plans, see our Tiny Village Community.

Have Land? We want to hear from you.

Tiny Villages Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. This status gives us the ability to accept land or property donations. 

Please write with "Land Search" in the subject line.