The Tiny Village Community


Giving everyone a comfortable, permanent, shelter.

Supplying reliable, organic, healthy food.

Creating, testing and applying the latest in technology for the benefits of residents and the planet.


Who qualifies for a tiny home?

You may qualify for a tiny home if you fit the following description:

Planned Capacity of the Tiny Village

1,000 residents 

786 tiny homes

1 City Center

1 Community Center

11 acres of organic farmland

6 Greenhouses

15 Acres of Solar Energy Production

Anticipated Demographics of the Village

234 Single Adults

366 Chronically Unhoused Adults

105 Family Members

31 Satellite Community Members

5-Year Timeline

The following outlines our goals for how to complete our first Tiny Village Community, and how we plan to grow over the next 5 years. 

2024: Financing

2025: Financing

2026: Property Purchase

2027: Begin Construction

2028: Move-In Residents

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