The Tiny Village Community

How will we do it?

Tiny Village Inc. is funding and constructing sustainable tiny homes for Colorado's unhoused population. Each resident will have the opportunity to live in our Tiny Village Community, which will provide safe, beautiful neighborhoods, nutritious food, and essential social services. The Tiny Village Community aims to be completely self-sufficient, protecting our residents from the effects of climate change, and helping to slow the climate crisis.


Giving everyone a comfortable, permanent, shelter.

Supplying reliable, organic, healthy food.

Creating, testing and applying the latest in technology for the benefits of residents and the planet.

Who qualifies for a tiny home?

You may qualify for a tiny home if you fit the following description:

Planned Capacity of the Tiny Village

Anticipated Demographics of the Village

5-Year Timeline

The following outlines our goals for how to complete our first Tiny Village Community, and how we plan to grow over the next 5 years. 

2024: Financing

2025: Financing

2026: Property Purchase

2027: Begin Construction

2028: Move-In Residents

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