Are you in need of a tiny home?

There are many ways to help those most vulnerable in your community.

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Our Mission

Empower the pursuit of happiness by supplying equal access to food, water, and shelter for all. 

Our Vision

Tiny Villages Inc. is dedicated to ending inequality across America by providing everyone with all human essentials. By using the latest technology and advancements, we provide everyone with the resources they need to build a happy and healthy life. 

About Us

Tiny Villages Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in Colorado. We are focused on ending homelessness and providing all citizens with safe housing and high quality of life. Our company was created in response to the alarming increase in homelessness, resource inequality, and climate destruction across the United States. We believe that we can offer solutions to all these problems at once. By focusing on the rescue and redistribution of wasted products, creating affordable, accessible housing, powered by low-impact, renewable energy, we can create meaningful change for the most vulnerable members of our community and the environments in which they reside. 

Our Values


Listening to constructive criticism and aiming to fix all unforeseen mistakes that may harm the residents, the earth, or the surrounding community.


Putting the health and safety of the environment as a top priority. Maintaining that all water, energy, and housing exists harmlessly with the ecosystem in which it resides. 


Educating all company managers about all changes in the physical, cultural and political environment in regard to their effects on the residents and remaining prepared to alter developments and programs to respond appropriately. 


Maintaining exceptional transparency with all financial expenses. Adhering to the mission of the company in all decisions, and always placing the safety and livelihoods of the residents above all else.


Treating all residents with the utmost respect and kindness; allowing them to make executive, informed decisions about their own health, happiness, and livelihood. 


Researching and implementing the latest and greatest technology in all sectors of the economy and finding new ways to incorporate them into a safe and helpful way to benefit the residents.