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Whenever you shop on their website we will get money! 

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Whenever you shop on their website we will get money!  

We need your help to support those most vulnerable in our community by giving money. 

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List of Needed Donations that will go into the Tiny Villages

Expenses Breakdown

Reason for Expense: 

We need to aquire a minimum of 275 acres of land with ample water rights and mineral rights to be able to house, feed and power homes for 10,000 people. In order to allow our residents to grow and gain meaingful employment, the property must be within reasonable travel distance to Denver, Colorado. These properties are in high-demand and the cost for acquisition rises accordingly. 

Property Acquisition

300-acre Property




Reason for Expense: 

In order to focus all of our energy and time into helping the most vulnerable in our community, our company leaders need to earn a living wage themselves. All officers are paid enough to feed, house and power their own families for a year, without concern. Salaries have been determined to be the best balance of payment, without taking precious funds away from the main mission.

Operating Expenses

Executive Director Salary

Chief Development Officer Salary

Vice President Salary

Healthcare for all Employees







Reason for Expense: 

Google Domains allow us to own our own name. This is a typical expense owned by every business or non-profit on the internet. Google Voice gives us a central phone number accessible to the entire team.

Reoccurring Yearly Costs

Google Domains

Google Domains

Google Voice






Reason for Expense: 

To increase our reach, we need to advertise our company and its mission. We are focusing on Grassroots marketing, and doing so through Meta Advertisements and Affiliate Marketing. This allows us to reach donors and potential residents through social media.


Meta Advertising

Affiliate Marketing