Open Positions

Chief Officer

Position Overview: Works with other Chief Officers and manages all employee work load. Oversee and manage organization programs and projects. Markets Nonprofit and conducts public relations and appearances in the media. Oversees and directs the organization's budget and financial activities. Evaluates the overall state of the company and understand where it can improve and what it is doing well. Identifying areas to cut costs while improving programs, performance, and policies. Negotiates agreements and contracts and then reports to Executive Director for approval. 
Location:Remote, however occasional travel within the United States is required. 
Requirements:A bachelor's or master's degree.A minimum of 3 years of management experience.A minimum of 3 years experience with Blockchain technology.A minimum of 5 years of work managing business finances.Excellent experience with all Google Products.Background in Non-Profit work or volunteering with relevant entities including refugees, homelessness, climate resilience, renewable technology, ect.Experience with media appearances, drafting public announcements, Working understanding and/or willingness to educate oneself on the Triple Planteray Crisis.Working understanding and/or willing to educate oneself on Renewable Technology. 
Ability to think outside the box, follow up-and-coming technologies and bring creative ideas to the table. Display strong business acuman, a sophisticated knowledge of Blockchain and non-proft funding, and ability to make complex and difficult decisions.Establish a plan to address productivity, operational performance, staff retention and company satisification.Partner with staff to foster quality and compassionate care to potential residents. Emerge as a respected leader and decision-maker. Create an environment that empowers employee satisifation and keeps the company aligned with its mission at all times. Exhibit strong communication, presentation and active listening skills to ensure company-wide collaboration and coordination.Assure the highest standards of professionalism and care to all residents.Ensure positive employee relations and trust through communication, education, consistency and dependability. Attend and potentially run bi-monthly virtual meetings with other Chief Officers.Manage company finances and budgets. Plan and run fundraising campaigns, and oversee Grant applications.Attend bi-monthly virtually and/or in-person Executive meetings Create and maintain Blockchain technological infrastructure.

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Requirements:A bachelor's degree or equivalent in relevant field.A minimum of 3 years of office management experience.A minimum of 1 year of customer service experience.Excellent understanding of all Google Products.Background in Non-Profit work or volunteering with relevant entities including refugees, homelessness, climate resilience, renewable technology, ect is preferred. Working understanding and/or willingness to educate oneself on the Triple Planteray Crisis.Working understanding and/or willing to educate oneself on Renewable Technology. 
Location:Fully remote.
Responsibilities:Answering phone calls from customers and clients while also directing them to the appropriate staff memberGreeting clients and customers during all events and functions.Helping to set up office meetings by making sure the conference room is well-equipped with office supplies, food, and drinks.Composing letters or emails to vendors, clients, or customers submit to the Executive Director for approval. Then send to vendors, clients, or customers. Taking notes in company meetings and distributing notes to company executives afterward .

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Grant Writer

Requirements:Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a related field.A minimum of five years of grant-writing experience, including collaboration with program management and finance to develop content and budgets.Experience with homelessness, renewable energy, organic agriculture or other relevant experience.Demonstrated success in obtaining grant driven funding from foundations, corporations and/or public funding sources.Ability to analyze and synthesize information for writing grant proposals, letters, articles, etc.Exceptional ability to edit written materials accurately and consistently, including own work.Exceptional analytical as well as intuitive abilities.Excellent written and verbal communication skills resulting in compelling messaging, as well as strong interpersonal and teamwork skills.Strong organizational and time management skills. Able to plan, organize, and complete multiple grant proposals and/or reports and follow-up as required. Proven track record of meeting deadlines.Excellent attention to detail, strong computer skills, and general understanding of financial principles.Demonstrated ability to take initiative, work independently, and effectively solve problems.Ability to cultivate and sustain relationships and work effectively with Chief Officers.Ability to represent, effectively and professionally, the organization to a wide variety of audiences.Willing to be flexible, with the ability to work evenings and weekends on occasion, for fundraising activities.Ability to work from home and build relationships with team members virtually.Strong preference will be given to candidates with meaningful experience with homelessness, renewable energy and organic agriculture.Responsibilities:Write grant proposals, fundraising-related writing projects, and reports on a timely basis as outlined on the organizational grant calendar. Ensure that grant proposals are compelling and strategic, and align with the funder’s interests and the funding opportunity.Develop grant content and budgets, and prepare grant packets for submission.Collaborate with Chief Officers to develop narrative content and budgets for proposals falling within assigned program focus areas, particularly for chapters serving Indigenous communities.Provide subject matter expertise on renewable energy, homelessness crisis, agriculture and other topics relevant to the company. Apply subject matter knowledge to grants content.Maintain clear and accurate written and electronic records of grant proposals, reports, and submission confirmations, including grant activity tracking in shared drives.Support the team in maintaining current and accurate grants calendars including tracking deliverables, due dates, and project information that supports the timely completion of projects. Keep relevant staff informed about upcoming deadlines and deliverables, thereby ensuring smooth coordination of responsibilities.Assist in research and identification of grants appropriate to Tiny Villages Inc.Maintain confidential information in a sensitive and appropriate manner.Special projects as assigned in support of organizational objectives.

Please email your resume and cover letter to with "Grant Writer" in the subject line.