Women's Month Art Competition


March is women’s history month. In celebration, we want to celebrate the contribution that women and non-binary trans people have made to accessible housing, sustainable agriculture, and innovation.

Draw something or someone (cis-gendered women, femme-trans, or non-binary) that you feel has contributed to one or more of our three cornerstones: housing, agriculture, and innovation.

Examples can include historical figures, personal heroes, celebrities or local community members.


Designs should incorporate either the Tiny Villages Inc. logo or our company colors. Both sets are available below. 

All mediums are welcome, including physical and digital mediums. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not allowed. If any submission is found to be AI-generated, it will automatically be disqualified. Artists may be asked to provide proof of original creation if AI is suspected. 

All submissions must be submitted in PNG format with the background removed. All submissions must be sent with written permission to use the graphic on our merchandise for sale.

Submissions are due by February 29, 2024, sent to our email info@tinyvillages.org, with "March Art Competition" in the subject line.

Merch is expected to be for sale on or around March 1st.